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Catherine Conner is a member of the Children's League who helped Ruby escape from Thurmond.


Early Life[]

The Darkest Minds[]

Cate is first seen in Thurmond presenting herself as Doctor Begbie. After a Calm Control frequency affects Ruby more than usual, she is sent to the infirmary where Cate asks her a few questions before covering for her. She then leaves her clipboard on the nightstand next to Ruby - instead of taking notes, Cate has written that the PSFs know Ruby is a not a Green but an Orange, and that they're going to kill her unless she accepts Cate's help.

After smuggling Ruby and Martin out of Thurmond, Cate begins driving them to meet Rob, her boyfriend. Cate tells Ruby about how society is now - broken, poor, desperate. Cate seems sympathetic to Ruby's situation and tells her she will never hurt her and that she will always be there to keep her safe. However, after meeting Rob and seeing his memories, Ruby realizes neither of them are to be trusted and runs away. Cate follows her through the woods, and later follows Black Betty in her car with Rob and Martin, but does not prevail.

It is discovered that Cate put tracking devices in all of the clothing she gave to Ruby.

Cate is not seen again until Ruby presses the panic button, alerting the Children's League to their location. Cate is both impressed and shocked by Ruby's advanced abilities and shows pride when Ruby threatens her. Cate agrees to let Liam go in order for Ruby to stay and work for the Children's League.


Cate is very compassionate, and even though Ruby often takes advantage of her, she still has a lot of love and pride for Ruby and the other children.

Physical Description[]

Cate has long white-blond hair and pale skin, with slender fingers. She is 28 years old, and smell like rosemary.


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