Grace Somerfield is a girl from Ruby's elementary school who fell victim to IAAN. She was the first IAAN patient that Ruby witnessed dying. Grace Somerfield was played by Grace DeAmicis.


When Ruby was 9 years old, nearly 10, and the first cases of IAAN were appearing, Grace was the first death she saw occur, and the first person she knew to die. 

Grace was Ruby's friend from school, and Ruby was affected greatly by her loss. She was said to be deep in a debate on whether there was a fly in her Jell-O or a piece of candy that she shoved in there when she died.

A cafeteria lady came over and checked her nonexistent pulse, and it was only when a boy named Ben Cho nudged her hand that all the other kids realized that Grace was killed by IAAN. Everyone was said to be chaotic, one girl crying so hard she couldn't breathe, but Ruby just sat at her table and thought about Grace.


Not much is said about Grace, except at the beginning of The Darkest Minds. From what we can pick up, she was somewhat popular around her classmates, and perhaps greedy for attention if she put a piece of candy in her Jell-O and pretended it was a fly.

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