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Green is the color classification for individuals who developed enhanced mental and intellectual powers as a result of IAAN. Typically these powers manifest as heightened problem-solving abilities, photographic memory, and/or enhanced talent for technical interfaces. Since their powers do not affect the world around them, Green classified individuals are considered by far the least dangerous of the PSI. Greens can typically be identified by a physical tell - an odd walk that many of them possess.

In The Darkest Legacy, another name for a Green was a Prodigy.


Classified as having increased intelligence, Greens are typically better at problem-solving and understanding new information that would be expected of an average individual of their age. It is unclear if they demonstrate any extraordinary powers, or if Green abilities simply manifest as heightened intelligence. Some Greens may have a photographic memory, as Ruby Daly claims to possess this while posing as a Green.

Notably, while with the Children's league, some Green individuals created pieces of advanced technology and showed great proficiency with computer systems.


Although classified as PSI, Greens do not have any physical abilities, as theirs manifest as heightened intellect. As a result, they are not considered dangerous. Individuals classified as Green enjoy a limited amount of freedom in the rehabilitation camps, especially compared to their Yellow, Orange, and Red counterparts. In rehabilitation camps, Greens were tasked with preforming manual labor, such as working in gardens or manufacturing uniforms.

Unlike other colors, Greens were not relocated from camps, as the camps served to contain them adequately.

After the liberation of the camps, Greens became sought after by the Blue Star crime organization, as it proved to be easier to modify their powers than other colors.

Notable Individuals[]

Ability Classifications
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