Hina is the cousin of Suzume and was also at Caledonia before she escapes. Zu finds her at East River and Hina elects herself to speak for Zu being her cousin. Later she, Zu and some other kids get permission from Clancy to leave and go to California to find Zu's aunt and uncle and Hina's parents. Hina is also a Green. Before they left, Clancy got into her mind while working with Ruby and found that she had been harboring a secret crush for him.

After a car crash in persuit of Skip Tracers in, in which Talon dies, Suzume is split from the group and travels with a man called Gabe , they eventually find Hina, Lucy and Kylie but they recognise Gabe from the crash scene and, thinking he is here turn them in, she shoots him, killing him, before seeing Zu .

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