In The Darkest Minds, Jacob Daly appears only briefly. On Ruby's tenth birthday, she kisses him goodnight, ultimately erasing his memory. The next morning he doesn't remember her. He and his wife, Susan, lock Ruby in the garage and call the cops. The PSFs show up and take Ruby away.

Never Fade

Jacob Daly doesn't appear in Never Fade

In the Afterlight

In In the Afterlight, the camps are freed, and Jacob, Susan, and Grams find Ruby (they still remember feeling love and concern for her from before). At the hospital, she returns their memories. Her parents were protective of her from that point forward.

Through the Dark

Jacob Daly doesn't appear in Through the Dark.

The Darkest Legacy

In The Darkest Legacy, Jacob was with Ruby at the park, when James Mercer attempted to kidnap her. Jacob was shot, but not fatally. He doesn't appear again in the book.

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