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I don’t want to just see someone’s face; I want to know his shadow, too.

–Jude, in Never Fade

Jude was a member of the Children's League and a Yellow.


As a child, Jude was abused by his parents and was often locked in closets and small spaces resulting in his claustrophobia and anxiety. His father would become angrier if he was in view so to prevent that his mother would put him in the closet.

Jude was on Ruby's team with Vida and Nico during their time together in the children's League. His code name for missions was "Sunshine", which was appropriate due to him being a Yellow and his bright, cheerful personality.

Jude does not pay attention to Ruby's wishes to be left alone and slowly worms his way into her love with his determination. He is very caring and trusting and seems very naive to Vida and Ruby. Jude tells Ruby that he doesn't just want to know about someone, but that he wants to know the whole person: “I don’t want to just see someone’s face; I want to know his shadow, too.” (Bracken 100).

Never Fade[]

Jude was first introduced when Ruby arrived at the Children's League's HQ LA for the first time. Ruby was told that he will be on her team along with Vida and Nico. Jude is not deterred by Ruby's constant "just leave me alone" attitude and eventually she becomes very protective of him. She called him her "one-man welcoming committee" because he is always the first one waiting for her and Vida when they come back from Op's.

When Cole secretly ordered Ruby to find Liam and the flash drive containing research on IAAN's cure. As a bargain she makes Cole promise that he will protect Jude from the adult Agents. When Ruby is assigned a Op in Boston, she is mad when Jude gets assigned with her, since Cole promised he would protect him.

In the flight into Boston, Jude is nervous and chatty. During the flight over Ruby realizes how hard it's going to be to keep Jude from getting himself killed and finding Liam at the same time.

When Ruby and Jude are assigned by Rob to stay by the Ambulance they stole to complete the Op, Ruby takes Jude with her and abandons the Operation, now starting her own. When Jude gets lost momentarily in the big riot in downtown Boston, he stands up on a cinderblock and touches a streetlamp, causing all the long dead street and building lights to snap on. The PSF's realize who he and Ruby are and knock them unconscious, throwing them into a truck.

To escape, Ruby tells Jude to take the power from the engine, and he complies. The engine dies instantly in the middle of the highway, causing a truck to drive into the back of them. They escape and Vida finds them at a train station. Jude panics and sneaks up behind her and gives her a "love zap", stunning her into sleep. They run again, but Vida catches up and tells them, much to their surprise, that Cate and Cole sent her as backup.

At this time Chubs joins them and they set off to find Liam. In the woods in Nashville, a hostile tribe of Blues kidnapped Vida and Jude, and Ruby and Chubs storm the warehouse to get them back.

This is also where Liam is, sick from pneumonia. Ruby and Jude leave with a group of Blues to storm a nearby airport where medical supplies are so they can help the sick like Liam. In an act of bravery when the PSF's find them, Jude collects all the electricity from the building and channels it to him, electrocuting all the soldiers and letting Ruby and the rest escape.

Back at HQ with a healing Liam and now a reluctant Clancy, Jude plays a vital part in recapturing it from the Agents.

Although Jude finally sees how harsh the outside world is, he still retains his sunny demeanor and continues to be a lovable cheery kid. He uses his Yellow abilities several times and proves to be much better at controlling them than Ruby gave him credit for.

At the end of the book, while trying to escape a collapsing and bombed HQ, Jude is crushed in the tunnel and suffocates to death. When Liam and Chubs go back down into the tunnels to try and find him, the only thing they bring back up to the surface is his compass, crushed and bent from the force of what fell on him. The compass was given to Jude by Alban on his first day in the Children's League, and he always wore it around his neck.


Jude had a bright outlook on life and believed people are good and not all were bad. He was known for being an optimist in times of doubt or sadness. He was a bit naive to how harsh the world had become, which was why Ruby felt the need to protect him against the actual very harsh world. He was incredibly kind and had a huge heart. He was a very wholesome, youthful boy who always tried to find the best in people and really learn about them.

Physical Description[]


Jude was described as having a mop of curly redish-brown hair, freckles on his nose, ears that stick out from his head and big amber eyes. He was incredibly skinny and tall and Cate had nicknamed his hands and feet 'Puppy Paws' because they were so big compared to the rest of him, like he hadn't fully grown into his height.



Nico was Jude's best friend and they often spent time together at the Children's League. They were also roommates.

Ruby Daly[]

Jude always welcomed Ruby when she came back from a OP. She acted cold at first, not wanting to get close to him in case she happened to lose him. Their friendship developed as the story progressed and they become very close. Ruby took on a almost parental role to Jude during their adventure, protecting him and making sure he was okay, but Jude died in the bombing of HQ, leaving Ruby to his ghost.


Their friendship started early when Cate rescued Vida and Jude from the PSFS. Then they started to work together. As the story progressed they become very close. Vida liked to playfully tease Jude.


Jude immediately liked Liam and looked up to him. They discussed bands and movies on the way back to California.


Cate was like Jude's reassuring mother. She took care of him and had a special place in her heart for his sunny personality and innocent view on the world. She was crushed when Ruby and the gang showed up at the Ranch, with Jude left behind under the rubble in Los Angeles.


Jude was a powerful Yellow, thanks to the training at HQ. He was able to control the electrical current of power boxes and zap people to unconsciousness. When Ruby and Jude go on a hit in Nashville with the tribe of Blues, they are targeted by PSFS. Jude takes the electricity from the lights and devices in the warehouse and collects it all to him, causing blue electricity to ball up in his fists and dance up his arms and cover his whole body. He walked out into the rain and let the electricity spring from him and to the PSFs, electrocuting them and killing them. Ruby described him as a blue ball of light in the rain, static crackling in the air around him from the power he posed over the electricity.

The needle of his compass that he always wore around his neck always pointed towards him, and not true north, because the electric current always running under him overpowered the needle.


"Lead on, Leader."

"I don't want to just know someone's face, I want to know his shadows to."