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Lady Jane is a minor antagonist in the movie adaptation of the Darkest Minds and the book. She is a Tracker bent on capturing Ruby Daly, Suzume, Charles Meriwether and Liam Stewart. She was portrayed by Gwendoline Christie.



Lady Jane first appears on the road when Ruby is trying to escape from Cate Connor, whom she grew to distrust. Jane chases Ruby, Zu, Chubs and Liam in her car in a heated confrontation until Liam uses his telekinesis to throw a tree onto the middle of the road.

She later reappears when Ruby returns from her parents' home, after realizing they wouldn't remember who she was. She overpowered and tied up Zu and Chubs and lied in wait for Ruby and Liam, whom she overpowered when they arrived. Through her mind control, however, Ruby managed to get Jane to surrender and aimlessly walk into the forest, literally forcing her to go and never return. She does not appear again in the series.