Lana Volkov is the sister of Roman Volkov. Like her brother Roman, she was kidnapped while their mother was at work and taken to an orphanage in the Ukraine. There she and her brother were bought by Mercer, a crime lord who became interested in experimenting with IAAN on kids. She nearly died during the experiments as her health had been poor since childhood, but she eventually recovered and manifested her powers much later than Roman and Priya.


Lana like her brother Roman was experimented on using IAAN. Her power is known as "Limit" which allows her to negate other Psi's powers. Her power has such force that she can use it on multiple people at once, as well as make people feel sick when pushing her powers. Unlike Roman and Priyanka, there are no known side effects to her power.



Lana and Priyanka became close during their time with Mercer, and eventually entered a relationship. Mercer did not allow this, and forcibly kept them separated at all times. After Roman and Priyanka escaped Mercer, Lana felt betrayed and grew to hate Priyanka.

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