Lillian Gray, also called Dr. Gray, is the mother of Clancy Gray and wife to President Gray . Alongside being the First Lady of the United States, she was also a scientist, and close friends with John Alban: the previous leader of the Children's League .

In Never FadeRuby and Cole discover that Dr. Gray was researching a cure for IAAN , and that she may have found it. Ruby manages to rescue a few pages of it from the Los Angeles bombing. During In the AfterlightChubs and Vida find and bring her to the Ranch where Ruby discovers that Clancy destroyed her speaking functions. She heals her, though. Shortly after Ruby finds that Clancy called President Gray over, Lillian shoots her son multiple times.

Throughout the book, she infrequently helps what is left of the League and it is revealed that her main goal is to perform the healing procedure on her son so that they can be a 'normal' family again, she eventually does.

It is mentioned in Clancy's story that as a child, he and Lillian were quite close.

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