What does the future look like? I try all the time, but I can't imagine it.

–Nico, in "In the Afterlight"

Nicolas Ramirez, better known as Nico, meets Ruby Daly in the Children's League after the Children's League rescues him from an experimental facility in Philadelphia. He is a Green that was previously experimented on in Thurmond by Leda Corp, and later revealed to have been close friends with Clancy Gray while there.


Early Life

Nico was eight when they started to experiment on him at Thurmond. It is revealed in Clancy's short Story within In the Afterlight that he and Clancy Gray were roommates. It's also shown that Nico seems to have no family to return to.

Clancy seems to care an abnormal amount for Nico, whom he views as less strong than him, worrying about him and going as far as to try to protect him against experiments and bullies. However, Clancy ends up leaving Thurmond without Nico, believing convincing researchers that both of them are "rehabilitated" will be too complicated and instead vowing to come back one day when he manages to make the world accept them.


Clancy Gray

Nico loved Clancy as the Orange was his hero and Clancy did care for Nico in some way. Nico and Clancy were both experimented on in Thurmond and built a sort of relationship when Clancy used his orange powers to manipulate the doctors at times to attempt to lessen the pain for him and Nico. At some point Clancy began to use him as a tool for his plans, the first time we are told about him using Nico is when he uses Nico to hack Cate and Vida's chatter conversation.


Jude was Nico's best friend In the Children's League.

Ruby Daly

Nico meets Ruby In the Children's League, and they become friends in Never Fade. In The Afterlight, Ruby is angry at Nico for betraying them but later they became friends again.

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