Olivia had first appeared in the East River camp at Lake Prince, Virginia. She was known as a Blue, as she demonstrated her Blue powers during her time in the supposedly new East River camp. She was Clancy Gray's third in command when it came to the security of East River after Hayes. After PSFs and Clancy's army of reds destroy East River, she and some other Blues wander around until she becomes imprisoned by an imposter of Clancy (Slip Kid).

She hates the way Knox runs things because sick children are expected to work even though they all suffer from pneumonia. Because they can't work Knox doesn't allow them to eat. He even trades them for cigarettes from time to time. When Ruby and the gang come across them, she shows them to Liam. She leads a group of Blues to a supply hangar that Ruby had told them about and even shared a short romance with Brett, a soldier for Knox. During "Initiation" she had tried to warn Ruby and Vida about the use of Mason, a Red. She wants to turn the tribe of Blues into a successful successor to East River.

She made her appearance in the first and the second and third books of The Darkest Minds series.

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