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Orange is the most dangerous and feared power, comprising individuals with the power of mind control. When children were identified as Orange, they were classified as extremely dangerous and were often restrained with metal chains, handcuffs and muzzles. Ruby accidentally accesses the mind of the doctor who was supposed to classify her ability. In his thoughts, she sees how terrible Oranges are treated, and immediately recognizes that she is also Orange. To escape this treatment, she convinces the doctor that she is Green. Her quick thinking saved her life, as the Oranges of Thurmond were taken away after some time, and, as Ruby later found out, killed.


All telepathic abilities are classified as orange, but an individual's powers seem to vary. In general, utilizing Orange powers requires a great deal more experience and control compared with other power groups. Depending on the individual's experience level, direct physical contact may be required, but some have demonstrated the ability to affect others without it. In at least one instance, influencing another without a line of sight and over a medium distance was achieved.

The following abilities have been demonstrated by an orange classified individual at some point during the series:

  • Alter feelings of others.
  • Read the thoughts and memories of others.
  • Erase memories and individuals from memories.
  • Affect the disposition of others towards ideas and proposals, allowing them to be easily persuaded verbally.
  • Display illusions.
  • Send a message directly into another person's thoughts.
  • Convince the person to kill themselves.

Orange Interaction[]

The effectiveness of their abilities seems to depend greatly on the individual an Orange attempts to influence. Other Oranges have the capability to resist or block mental invasions, although the specifics vary, and the ability to do so generally comes with practice. Non-Orange individuals generally cannot resist the influence of an Orange's abilities, but there are cases of people being resistant or even completely immune. The amount of control an orange has over another person depends on their relationship with that person.


Although not documented, it is likely that Orange was among the rarer of the power classifications at the onset of IAAN. As a result of their abilities, individuals who were classified as Orange by the PSI program were placed under heavy control, and were generally feared, forced to wear restraints and in some cases, muzzles. At the Thurmond camp, Oranges often used their abilities to cause chaos, often leading to many deaths and injuries.

Eventually, the Oranges were removed from Thurmond, and likely other camps as the PSI program advanced. Their ultimate fate is unknown, although it is highly likely that they were executed and quietly disposed of.

Notable Individuals[]

Ability Classifications
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