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Project Jamboree []

Project Jamboree was the name for the program that PSF's put reds through. The ultimate purpose of the program was to use reds as weapons, by removing every bit of emotion in them besides hatred for their past life. Reds who endured project jamboree are seen as only listening to orders, and not doing anything that wasn't instructed, turning them into a sort of robotic shell of a human. When there weren't many PSFs remaining, reds were set in to take their place. 

Training Reds[]

Project Jamboree brainwashed reds. Early on, they would be beaten and tortured over and over for a month for showing a lot of emotion. Later on, however, anything such as a flinch would lead to waterboarding, while anything more than that meant death. It was easiest for most of the reds to give in to this, becoming empty shells rather than humans. Reds would be put in isolation, and be taught to hate every memory of their old life, as well as everything that existed in that life. Most of the reds who's emotion had survived the camps hadn't been caught or taken in in the first place, with a few such as Lucas Orfeo