Biography Edit

The Darkest Minds Edit

Rob is first introduced as Cate Connor's boyfriend after she breaks Martin and Ruby out of Thurmond. Ruby realizes he means to kill them like he did two others in his memories. She runs from Cate and him to find Zu and Black Betty.

Never Fade Edit

Rob Leads an Op to break Cole out of prison. He sets off a grenade, about which Ruby wonders if he hoped it would kill the kids on the team. Throughout the book, inside HQ, he is seen arguing with other agents and being cruel to the kids. When Ruby and Jude get assigned to a new Op, which is really an opportunity for Ruby to find Liam. They give Rob and the other agents the slip and they get recalled back to headquarters with a lot of chastisement.

Later in the book, Rob tracks Ruby and Jude down, to where they are trying to move Liam out of a camp of nefarious Blues. He forces her into an ability-stifiling muzzle. However, she breaks through and it is unconfirmed whether or not she killed or him or simply did close to that.

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