Roman Volkov was one of the children tested upon. He is also Suzume's romantic interest and ally.


Early Life

Roman was originally from Russia where he spent a portion of his childhood with his mother and sister. One day, a man showed up and told Roman's mother that he could take Roman and his sister away to receive proper schooling and education. Their mother agreed and Roman and his sister were taken away. Instead of receiving schooling, them, and a few other children were experimented on using IAAN and the powers they all manifested. Because of this experimentation, Roman's abilities aren't an ordinary PSI power. A few months prior to the events in The Darkest Legacy, Roman, his sister Lana, Max and Priyanka, planned an escape. It was executed, however, only Roman and Priya made it out, leaving his sister behind.

The Darkest Legacy Edit

In The Darkest Legacy, Roman is first seen with Priya watching Zu give a speech. When the speech is attacked and Zu is blamed, they help her escape. They join Zu on the run as fugitives and travel with her to Haven, a safe place Liam and Ruby had set up for PSIs.

Personality Edit

Roman is observed to be a bit quiet and contemplative though he does have a humorous side. One of his quirks is his attempts at turning Russian phrases into English ones, much to the amusement of Priya and Zu. He cares deeply about his friends and family.

Powers Edit

As Roman was experimented on using IAAN, his powers are unlike any of the standard color designations. His power is known as Mirror, which allows him to copy another Psi's powers through touch for a short while. A side effect of this power, is that after using it he passes out and remains unconcious for some time.

Physical description Edit

Roman is described to have chestnut hair that is slightly curled, strong features, tanned skin, and pale eyes.

Relationships Edit

Suzume Edit

Suzume is Roman's love interest in the Darkest Legacy. They share a kiss once throughout the novel.

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