Senator Cruz is a politian who worked for President Gray before IAAN  struck America. Her daughter Rosa was taken by the PSFs. She is entered into our story when Cole Stewart finds her with an Amplify worker.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Senator Cruz (full name: Anabel Cruz) worked for President Gray, and was a politian for a while before IAAN struck America and the government started falling apart. She tried to keep her daughter Rosa away from the PSFs, but they caught her and brought her to the camp Oasis

She comes into our story when Cole Stewart finds her in Los Angeles after Gray bombed it, with an Amplify agent. The soldiers in LA weren't tracking her, they were tracking the Amplify man. If she didn't identify herself, they would have killed her like they killed the man. 

Cole swept in and saved her, thought the other agents in the Children's League weren't happy about it. Senator Cruz was one of the adults they brought with them when the kids went to The Ranch, and tricked the other agents to going elsewhere. 

She didn't participate in any fighting, but stayed with them behind the scenes. When Ruby and the others rescued her daughter and others from a camp, her daughter stayed with her.

In The Darkest Legacy, Senator Cruz becomes the president, and leads a fractured country with a frail hold. Joseph Moore, a canidate for the next election, brings her down with speeches and many people want him to become president, rather than her. She forgets that the Psi were the ones who helped her get to her high position, and starts leading badly. 

Personality[edit | edit source]

Not much is said about Senator Cruz, but her daughter says that she wore a red dress to meetings that scared the "old white dudes who kept trying to make her shut up." This implies that even though she's a girl, she views herself as equal to everyone else and hates being seen as any less.

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