The Ranch is the Children's League's back-up base. The remaining kids after the Los Angeles bombing retreat here. It is located in Lodi, California.

In the Afterlight[edit | edit source]

After Ruby influences the adult agents in Los Angeles, the kids, Senator Cruz , and Cole escape the city in cars. Ther drive up the state until they reach Lodi and the Ranch.

This is now where the loyal part of the League live and trains. They plan hits on Oasis and Thurmond here.

Towards the end of the book, Ruby realizes that Clancy has been controlling her and forcing her to send messages to President Gray to pick up his son, therefore disclosing the location of the Ranch. Soon after she realizes this, the President's helicopters land, helping Clancy escape. Ruby then gets taken back to Thrumond.

We find out later on that, after the Thurmond hit, the Ranch was unscathed.

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