Thurmond Air Force Base was a place within electric gates where no PSI has ever escaped from. It is one of the biggest centers where they supposedly 'rehabilitate' children that are 10 years or over. It is a nightmare that Ruby barely escapes from with her life.

Thurmond is made up of the Medical Center, The Factory and the cabins along with all the PSF stations. It is all run by people like President Gray and his people who think the children need to be taken away from their homes and families. 

Kids of ThurmondEdit

  • Ruby Daly was brought to Thurmond after she accidentally erased her parents memory of her. Unfortunately for her, PSF's arrived to collect her before the police could. While the kids were unloaded from the school bus, an orange caused mass confusion by telling a PSF to shoot herself and telling the others to run. Ruby is horrified and confused by this action. The PSF's retook control of the situation and the kids are forced into camp. Ruby notices that some kids are forced to wear muzzles or shakes depending on their ability. The kids are ushered into rooms with doctors where they give the kids CT scans. Since Ruby wasn't pre-classified, her doctor is left to do the job. Ruby panics and slips into the mind of the doctor and convinces him that she is a green. She is assigned to cabin 27 and meets her best friend Sam.
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