The Darkest Minds Wiki

Alright, hi everybody! I'm the new head admin for the Darkest Minds wiki.

This might sound odd, but I'd like everyone who's active to reply to this blog post when they can. I realize this wiki is literally dead, so... I'm trying to revive it! Alright, so if you're active, you're reading this. Cool.

So, this wikia, you might have noticed, is, to put it simply, a mess. There are pages without any punctuation or line breaks. If anyone is willing to jump on and just proofread some articles, that'd be great.

Also, we can talk in Discussions instead of commenting on articles! It's easier, trust me. Just click the corner that says 'THE DARKEST MINDS'.

(Also, tell your friends about this fandom :D)

Okay, bye. I doubt anyone's going to comment, but please do, if you're reading this.