The Darkest Minds Saved Me.

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I'm not the person that has friends, I'm the person in the class reading. I have had many friends in the past that have hurt me. Bad. I find  people that I think are good for me but turn out different. For years I was very depressed. I have always loved reading, I feel when I read I  can escape my world. I can go into a life that if full of love, wonder, mystery etc. I found The Darkest Mind book and started to read it. I thought it would just be another book that I read and put back on the self. You know? But, after I started to read the fist chapter, then the next and next. I found myself not wanting to stop reading and I was  feeling happy and only thinking about the book. I finished the book and went on to the next and finished and read the last book. I’m not going to say that because I read the books it ended my depression. It didn’t. But, it did lead me to go back on a happy good path. I found myself thinking that I was holding onto my past too much, I had to let go. So… I did. I feel like without the books I would still be depressed. The books helped me push past my fears. It SAVED me. Does that sound weird? I don’t know? It’s so amazing what a book can do to you! I want to say the these books made a huge difference in my life. Even if they are just books and aren’t real, But… they really are. Books can really change a life.

This is my first “Blog” so I have no clue if I did thing right? But, even if people scroll right past it, it felt good to wright this.

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