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Withersoul 235 Withersoul 235 11 August 2020

I'm leaving.

I suppose this has had a long time coming.

While I've been really big on The Darkest Minds in the past, said time is coming to a close. My TDM backstory is a VERY unconventional one for this fandom: I loved the movie, but didn't like the books (Never been much of a book person, honestly). But let's face it: The movie was universally detested and there won't be sequels. All this time I felt like I shouldn't be here at all, having only a fifth of the knowledge of the franchise as most others. I barely progressed in the first book anyway.

But that's not the MAIN reason I'm leaving. The real reason for my departure is the horrific monstrosity that Fandom the company has unleashed at us:

The UCP.

Officially it stands for Unified Community Platform, bu…

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Withersoul 235 Withersoul 235 13 January 2019


Aight, new rule coming.

You are disallowed from replacing the movie images in character infoboxes with fanart. Anyone who fails to follow this rule will be banned for two weeks without exception. The ban duration will climb up after repeated offences.

This rule is being enforced as people kept on replacing the movie images of the Darkest Minds characters with DeviantArt fanart. No idea why (probably to spite the movie's character designs), but from now on, this is a punishable offence. I'd like to keep everything strictly official.

Keep this in the back of your head, please.

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Withersoul 235 Withersoul 235 3 December 2018

No more anon editing

Hello everyone.

I have set an option in the Wiki Features that requires you to sign in in order to make any form of contribution, edit or contribution in the wiki.

Why? Because almost every single anon that ever edited vandalized the pages, spammed random nonsense, ruined others' hard work, et cetera.

For the anons that really were constructive, or just hung around in the comments — This is not aimed at you. I have made this decision purely because I was sick of reverting vandalism and using the ban tool on a practically daily basis.

I'm sorry, but doing anything on the wiki other than reading now requires you to register an account. This as a counter to future policy violations.

Thank you for your attention.

EDIT 11/12/2018: Okay, I get it, I k…

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Withersoul 235 Withersoul 235 22 September 2018


Hello everyone.

I went to watch the movie today and loved it, and I'm considering to delve into the books as well. I immediately went to this wiki, where I found out there was no administration. There are still some users here, and so I hereby ask if you would be fine with me adopting the wiki in about a week.

I only have a few edits right now; so I understand if you do not see me as eligible yet. But you will see more of me throughout the next days, I promise.

Please comment your thoughts below.



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