The Darkest Minds Wiki

I suppose this has had a long time coming.

While I've been really big on The Darkest Minds in the past, said time is coming to a close. My TDM backstory is a VERY unconventional one for this fandom: I loved the movie, but didn't like the books (Never been much of a book person, honestly). But let's face it: The movie was universally detested and there won't be sequels. All this time I felt like I shouldn't be here at all, having only a fifth of the knowledge of the franchise as most others. I barely progressed in the first book anyway.

But that's not the MAIN reason I'm leaving. The real reason for my departure is the horrific monstrosity that Fandom the company has unleashed at us:

The UCP.

Officially it stands for Unified Community Platform, but I feel like Unbelievably Crappy Platform suits it better. It's AB-HORRENT. Wiki Activity is gone, replaced with Recent Changes which I see as a shittier alternative due to how unconvenient it is to navigate. Chat is gone. Message Walls and Comments have been reworked to the point of being FAR crappier than ever before. The Editor is SO clunky -- it's a fucking mess to use and just works horribly. And all of the scripts I installed no longer work.

I simply cannot work on this wiki anymore. The UCP makes it impossible for me to resume my duties since everything about is an eyeball-burning, horribly inconvenient, barely serviceable mess that's SO horrible I'm literally shocked at how a once good company like Fandom was able to fuck it up THIS badly.

As for my successor: I suppose it was pretty clear in the last week that Solangelo-potato was going to take my place. I'm transferring my leadership to her. I'll still keep my bureaucrat rights since while VERY small, there's still a 0.00002% chance that UCP might become usable in the future.

But until it is (Or even IF), I'm packing my bags.

Good job Fandom -- I'm surprised at how you still haven't realized how you're running your network into the ground, scaring your users away and ruining everything. I hope you're proud of yourselves.