No more anon editing

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Hello everyone.

I have set an option in the Wiki Features that requires you to sign in in order to make any form of contribution, edit or contribution in the wiki.

Why? Because almost every single anon that ever edited vandalized the pages, spammed random nonsense, ruined others' hard work, et cetera.

For the anons that really were constructive, or just hung around in the comments — This is not aimed at you. I have made this decision purely because I was sick of reverting vandalism and using the ban tool on a practically daily basis.

I'm sorry, but doing anything on the wiki other than reading now requires you to register an account. This as a counter to future policy violations.

Thank you for your attention.

EDIT 11/12/2018: Okay, I get it, I killed the wiki. I've decided to give y'all a second a chance, since this wiki simply isn't anything without the anons.

However, I beg of you to actually prove to me that this revert was worth it. Please stop spamming and vandalizing — show me that you're all constructive fellas who wish the best for the wiki. :)

Wither out

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